Product Guides

Quick Pick Order Guide
We have created a condensed list of our top sellers to make ordering easier for new customers. Fill your order in on the excel spreadsheet and email it to
Please note that due to covid-19 measures that have been put in place we may need 24hrs to get your order ready.
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Equipment and Smallwares Product Guide.p
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Grocery Product Guide
If you don't see an item that you require please contact us!
Grocery Product Guide 2019.pdf
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Paper and Chemical Guide
If you don't see an item that you require or if you have any questions please contact us!
paper and chemical guide 2019.pdf
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Compostable Products
Green Century Compostable products included:
Cups and lids, Straws, trays, bowls, containers, cutlery, plates, etc...
GP Distributing Brochure Green century.p
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Harvest Fiber Compostable Products
Contact your Sales Representative for more information!
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Compostable Straws
Compostable straws that aren't paper!
511_FL016_Straws-GP Distributing compost
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